Acne is known to come in many forms and one of the most common ones is referred to as whiteheads which are one of the greatest fears among people who are keen to maintain a perfect skin appearance. Granted, whiteheads are as a result of a build up of many elements which include sebum, oils, as well as dead skin which appear at the pores on your skin. Both teenagers and adults get whitehead attacks event though it is the teens that top the list of those presenting with whiteheads. You may therefore define whiteheads as those tiny, pearly shaped spots that are whitish in color which are formed where skin cells get to clog around hair follicles.

Even though whiteheads may appear to look like pimples they are not necessarily the same because the retrieval of whiteheads needs to be done with extreme care. No one really understands what causes whiteheads it is suspected that apart from the accumulation oil and dead cells on the pores, bacteria also plays a key role in their formation. Mainly appearing on the face whiteheads more often than not appear around the cheeks and the eyes. Whiteheads may not appear on their own but will most likely appear accompanied which pimples, blackheads and acne in general.

A lot of care needs to be taken when you discover you have whiteheads anywhere on your face because when they are not removed carefully they will almost always leave a permanent scar which may be red in color. It is therefore recommended that you desist from trying to extract whiteheads at home and let a qualified dermatologist do it for you. But apart from extraction it may appear that prevention is the best way to keep them at bay. A strict adherence to proper skin cleansing procedures and the wise use of skin care products is what is known to protect your skin from acne in general and whiteheads in particular. Facial cleansers that contain salicylic acid among those ingredients that are known to assist greatly in cleaning up clogged pores.

An important part of the regime that is important in keeping the skin free from whiteheads is exfoliation done at least twice every week with the concentration being on those areas that are likely to develop such problems. When exfoliation is done well it encourages the growth of newer and healthier skin cells which is one of the best ways to keep the pores unclogged. Steaming your face at leas once a week is also extremely important in helping to lighten and loosen any debris that may be embedded under the skin which is likely to become a breeding ground for whiteheads. Since it is a buildup of impurities under the skin that leads to the development of whiteheads and other skin conditions related with acne, cleansing the skin in such a way that all traces of impurities, dust, makeup remnants, and any secretions from the sebaceous glands is the best way to keep it clear from dead skin and impurities.